let us cook for you

Western Hospitality is a  full-service caterer ready to help you host the event of a lifetime. Whether you are organizing a corporate party, family get together, or wedding, we  work with you to make sure every detail is tailored to both your budget and you guests. All ingredients are prepared fresh by our team and delivered straight to you to enjoy.

When setting up your catering with Western Hospitality, you will have two options. First option is to select items from a pre-set menu. We can guide you through our recommendations or you can choose what you want. Our second option is what we call “Chef’s Choice”. If you would prefer to be less involved in the culinary process, Chef Joe will create you a custom menu that will have you salivating by the first round on appetizers.  Either way, you get what YOU WANT.

  • Corporate Events
  • Private Dinners
  • Weddings & Receptions
  • Summer Gatherings
  • Birthday Parties
  • Holiday Get Togethers
  • Private Chef Experiences
    ….and More! 

services offered

Gourmet Meal Delivery

Have award-winning Chef Joe cook your next meal and deliver it straight to your front door

In-Home Personal Chef 

Chef Joe will come into your home and cook a gourmet meal for you straight from the comfort of your own kitchen. 


We will bring fresh food directly to your event or party! Chef Joe and our professional team will show up on-site with everything needed to make sure your guests have a delicious time.


Questions or specials requests? Send us a message!

live fire events

There is something innate in humans that has always drawn us to fire. Like food, it has been a necessity for human survival since the dawn of time. Through our live fire events, WHG emphasizes this important relationship between people, fire, and food.

Aromatic scents of spices and sweet smoke fill the air as we roast an entire hog. Enormous pans are placed over the live fire and filled with an eclectic mix of ingredients to create our palette pleasing paella. Grilled lobster tails flirt with the flame to create a perfect balance between smoky and buttery flavors.

Truly anything is possible with our live fire events. These events can be held anywhere from public parks and beaches to the privacy of your back yard. There is something truly captivating about cooking over an open flame, and we will show you why we do it best. Please refer to our Afi Kukka BBQ menu for more information.

CHARITY & corporate

At WHG, we know that whenever a charity or corporation hosts a catered event it is important. At company Christmas parties, employees reflect on and celebrate another year that has come and gone. At charity events, everybody in attendance is doing their own small part in helping grow a specific cause within their community. The food, while a necessary component of any such event, is never the focal point of these events for company or charity executives. However, at WHG, every aspect of the food – its taste, smell, presentation – that you will be serving at your charity or corporate event is always our focal point.

We know that no two of these events are ever the same. We have done events with anywhere from 25-2,000 people, with plated food or served buffet style, in commercial kitchens or offsite kitchens we had to help construct ourselves. With WHG, you can be as hands-on or laissez-faire in selecting the food for your event as you would like. We also have pre-selected menus for you to choose from, such as our Appetizer Menu, Sample Plate Up Menu, and Buffet Sample Menu. Alternatively, you can work with our excellent team to create a menu customized just for your event. If this is an option you would like to explore, please let us know what you have in mind by emailing us here.

something for everyone

One thing that we take extraordinary pride in at WHG is our ability to not be confined to any one mold. Although we have pre-selected menus and examples of events we have done throughout our website, we would like to emphasize that if you have an idea for a menu or event, we can help make it happen.

Want to host an intimate ten-person wine dinner, where our Chopped Champion Chef Joe Youkhan comes into your kitchen to cook your meal and brings a sommelier with him, and together they take you and your guests on a personal food and wine tour?
WHG has done that.

Want to host a 900-person plated charity dinner that requires construction of an offsite kitchen to make the event work?
WHG has done that.

Want to bring 150 of your employees a local park, where our team has taken over multiple fire pits to grill burgers and make massive portions of paella?
WHG has done that.

Maybe you just want to have a nice dinner in your office to show each and every individual in your twenty-person company that you really appreciate them?
WHG has done that.

Regardless of your event’s guest count, location, or preferred cuisine, WHG wants to show you our industry-leading quality, care, and professionalism that we always bring to the table (literally). Let us know how we can assist you in making your event the best it can possibly be.